Will turn the multimedia system of the car into the modern on-boardcomputer on base Android 8.

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AirTouch Performance is a modern and safe way to implement the most popular mobile operating system in the car, without replacement of the regular display. Download and use any of 500 thousand Google applications of Play from the monitor of the car. AirTouch Performance will work with an original multimedia system, and it is possible to switch from the regular interface of the display in the menu of new Android at any time – it is only worth pressing already available button on a wheel or the central console. The decision for those clients who always look for the best quality - at installation of our equipment quality of a car will not change, and here the functionality will increase.

All attention to the road

AirTouch Performance - is developed especially for drivers. Management of a system happens by means of voice commands of Google and control elements of the car: buttons, handles, touchpad and touch screen.

Activation of a system Activation of a system

To activate the AirTouch Performance system, is enough to press and hold the button on a wheel or the central console

О`кей Google OK Google

To include voice-activated control of Google, press an icon "microphone" in the interface of a system

Contact Contact

If in your car equipped with AirTouch Performance there is a touch screen, you can use it for management

Buttons Buttons

AirTouch Performance works with regular buttons of the car if they are connected with the display, means they AirTouch Performance can operate

Viewing videos with YOUTUBE

YouTube will please fans of author's content. The algorithm of service will help to pick up only that you love and are ready to look. The child in the car will not remain to, indifferent from the application of YouTube.

Movies and TV
programs online

Install applications about online television and you will be aware of all sports or political agenda. To watch movies or soap operas will be able both the driver in the passive mode, and passengers. They will separately thank you for it, and over ten online services with own library of video records will be able to perform this function. Really clever television and movie theater now and in your car.

Movies and animated films from the external hard drive

If you are in a zone of bad reception the Internet of a signal, then will be able to entertain the passengers, movies and animated films from the external hard drive which can be placed in a glove compartment of your car. Carriers to 1tbt are supported.

Favourite programs channels

The car will become much lighter than a message, relying on modern achievements in the field of cartography and navigation. These programs naturally develops on mobile devices because to take with itself the detailed map and can lay a route everyone now.
But not everyone is capable to offer the smartphone during the trip. AirTouch Performance will present to the user over one hundred navigation utilities and all of them are ready to settle down on the screen of your new on-board computer. Also we do not forget what can always be asked: "OK Google, where the nearest gas station?"

Music and Audiobooks

With AirTouch Performance time on the way flies imperceptibly. Enjoy unlimited access to millions of tracks from applications of Spotify and Google Play Music! Daily traveling can also be combined also with self-development. The pleasant company of favourite authors, whose works are sounded by the professional announcer, will dilute even the most boring road.

Authors of informative podcasts will also keep you the company and will tell everything that needs to be known. Users were given at choice any of the following applications: Podcast Republic, Pocket Casts, Cast Box, Google Podcasts where now it is possible to listen to favourite leaders too.

Combine 2 applications
on one screen

AirTouch Performance allows to bring at the same time any two applications to the car display. It is very convenient. The most popular sheaf, is the navigation program and video service, the driver watches a route, and passengers watch entertaining content. There is an additional function "The Picture in the Picture", its essence consists in use of an element of the supported program – a widget – over the application which operates normally on all screen. Try to use the application of YouTube and Google Maps in this superstructure – you are surprised as far as it is convenient.

Driving is a leisure, but not the monotonous movement now

By means of AirTouch Performance it is possible to duplicate the image on back monitory*. Passengers of a back row of seats, especially children will be especially grateful to this function. It is possible to start the movie or the animated film from the external hard drive, at the same time the driver can use the navigation program on the car display, without being distracted by media content which is watched by passengers. Agree, it is convenient! *Monitors are an additional option, it is possible to order them in our company. And also connect the gamepad and entertains itself or children games, the power of AirTouch Performance allows to do it.

Hundred-rice, IGTV and
the Airs with Instagram
on the big display

This function will be interesting to those who prefers real stories of people interesting to you from Instagram, to television or rollers with Youtube. Start be under construction or rollers with IGTV, you watch the airs on the big display of the car.

500,000 Applications to the road

AirTouch Performance supports any programs from app store of Google Play. Games, Web browsers, Social networks, all popular messengers and a set of other services can be integrated into your car.

To the road with AirTouch Performance

Supports 90% of modern models of cars which have an original display. Do you want to learn whether there is AirTouch Performance on your car and cost of the device?


Only our company and the companies of our partners realize original AirTouch Performance. Our company holds the patent for useful model.


AirTouch Performance is the fastest in the world the on-board computer on the Android platform created for use together with the original monitor of the car. It many times quicker than similar devices of other producers.

OS Android
Procesor Six-Core 64bit Server Class Cortex-A72 Core @2.0Ghz,Mali-T860 Quad-Core GPU (Total Ten-Core)
VPN H.264/H.265/VP9 up to 4Kx2K@60fps (4K Video)
Memory 4 GB LPDDR3
USB USB2.0 High Speed Port x 2
USB 3.0 3.0 USB3.0 5.0Gbps Port x 1
Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi, Support 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.1
Screen Resistive (capacitive)
RGB-OUT 1280x720 video- in-> 800x480 out or 480х234 out
External LVDS interface 1280x720 video-in -> Digital 800x480 LVDS-out
Composite entrance of CVBS 1280x720 video - in -> CVBS-out
HDMI HDMI 2.0, Support maximum 4K@60Hz display
Speakers 2 Вт
In/OUT In Stereo Audio, microfon (voice recognition ), CVBS-out (to LVDS-out)
Power supply 8-24 В DC
Temperature condition Storage: from -20 to +80 °С / Use: From -15 to +70°С

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